Maitri - Centre for Hearing Impaired Infants

Our Society was one first in Mumbai to construct and equip an Early intervention centre named Maitri – Centre for Hearing Impaired Infants using a multi disciplinary approach. By offering the services of an audiologist, parent counsellor and special educator all under one roof, parents no longer have to run from “pillar to post” trying to get the best for their child.

At Maitri children from the ages 4-6months onwards are being screened for hearing loss. Early testing, assessment and language development / training enables the Hearing-Impaired infant to develop fully. Not only does the programme focus on the child itself but MAITRI also offers help and support to the parents. By careful testing, fitting of a correct hearing aid and early speech and language training, it is hoped that many of these young H.I. infants will move into nursery schools for children with normal hearing.

The MAITRI team includes:


An audiologist trained and experienced in the assessment of hearing loss in young children and hearing loss management.

A Special Educator - Sarita Naik
Special Educator

A special educator qualified to develop language and speech skills in young hearing impaired children.

A Parents Counselor - Aditi Bapaye
Parent Counselor

A counselor trained in working with hearing impaired children, their parents and families.

Maitri has state of the art audiological testing booth and equipment where infants are screened for hearing loss. Not only does the programme focus on the deaf child but Maitri also offers help and support to the parents both the mother and father who are quite traumatized at having given birth to a deaf child. Unlike normal schools we place great emphasis and importance on parental guidance. The role of the parent particularly the mother is paramount in overcoming the handicap of the deaf child. Most children are enrolled into Maitri from the age 4-6 months in keeping with the concept of ‘early intervention’.

CSED believes that all children enrolled into our School and Maitri programmes should be fitted with the best available hearing aids irrespective of cost. For this purpose CSED has created a Hearing Aid Sponsorship Fund so that children of underprivileged parents and lower income group can be helped to buy the best hearing aids suited to child's hearing loss without any compromise as to expense.