We do need your support.

Your donations will help CSED to “make a difference in the lives of deaf children”

CSED does not collect any fees – not a single paisa from the parents of the 60+ children. We need over Rs. 70 lakhs each year to educate our deaf children. Government funding by way of salary grants comes to just over half our total costs. CSED therefore has to rely on the financial support and generosity of private individuals, institutional and corporate donors such as you.

You can help us in many ways. You can choose from any of the various schemes and activities listed below depending upon your personal liking and preference.

On all your donations, you are entitled to a 50% income tax exemption under Section 80G. In other words, your real or effective cost is only 50% of the actual sum donated by you!!

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All donations to the Society are eligible for exemption under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act, 1960

CSED Corpus Fund

This fund is our lifeline and our most vital and crucial need. Every rupee in this fund is invested and the interest earned is used for running the school.

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Hearing-aid Sponsorship Scheme

Good digital hearing-aids are extremely important to enhance the residual hearing of a deaf child leading to development of language and clear speech.

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A Child's Education and Training

At CSD, all education and audiometric testing etc. are free for the children. Your donation would help cover the cost of trained teachers and staff salaries, audiological and speech testing and training, and the free milk, bananas and the use of the school bus.

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Sponsor a “special” teacher’s salary

Our staff paybill accounts for 79% of total expenses. Our trained and dedicated staff whose love for the children, and devotion to their job have made CSED one of the finest schools in the country.

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Major Children's Welfare Costs

Contribute/Underwrite some of the major children’s welfare costs such as School bus transport which is worth Rs. 1,71,000/- and free midday snacks (milk and banana) worth Rs. 97,000/-

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Purchase of School Bus

Our existing School bus has to be replaced as it is over 14 years old. Many children who come to CSED travel from far of areas such as Dahanu, Kalyan etc. The Bus plays an important role in brining the children to and fro from the station. Besides this our bus is used for educational visits, outings and the occasional overnight picnic. It is one of our great educational tools for the children.

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Event-participation, excursions and picnics

At CSED, we truly believe that all work and no play, does make Jack a dull boy! As a result we celebrate all major festivals. The children and their parents join in the activities which are so vital for the deaf child’s language and speech development.

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