About CSED and its Wings

Nearly 50 years ago our founding Trustees Adal Bomanji Parakh and his wife Rhoda decided to start a school for the deaf children of India, be they profoundly or severely deaf, rich or poor and be they Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Sikh. They were the first to realize that a deaf child’s formative years as with all children are the most crucial stage of their development. They need to be nurtured, encouraged and given a fighting chance to rise to their maximum potential.

Many people do not even consider deafness as a handicap since it is not a visible disability. Infact there is a common misconception that a deaf child is necessarily a dumb one. This is not really so because deafness i.e. the inability to hear is ‘an Aural’ problem whereas dumbness colloquially signifies being stupid or ignorant. None of our deaf children are ‘DUMB’. They are highly intelligent and with all their mental faculties fully inplace.

Founding Trustees Adal Bomanji Parakh and his wife Rhoda

CSED is the apex body which has 4 separate entities namely :-


The Central School for the Deaf

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Maitri Centre for Hearing Impaired Infants

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Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation Centre

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BERA Testing Centre

Screening and Testing of New Born Babies

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