Brain-Stem Evoked Response Audiometry

Brain-Stem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA)

In keeping with the quantum leaps that diagnostics are making in the field of new born screening and neo-natal evaluation of hearing impaired, CSED decided to open its own BERA (Brain Stem Evoked Response Audiometry ) Clinic. BERA tests are electro-physiological and measure responses along the auditory pathways to the brain’s auditory cortex. Ideally this testing should be done in the hospital itself before the baby is discharged.

Unfortunately very few hospitals and clinics are able to do this in our country for lack of equipment and trained personnel. BERA test are objective and do not require cooperation from the baby.

With generous support from the Rotary Club of Bombay, CSED was able to furnish and equip the clinic with the most up-to-date equipment. The clinic was inaugurated in March 2013. Work in terms of informing pediatricians, child specialists, gynecologists and others in the field has resulted in the Clinic moving forward. Unfortunately not many parents are aware that such facilities exist nor how important early screening is.